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David D. Hertz, MCC-ICF heads the coaching school.

Accredited trainers conduct each session.

We offer accredited training to acquire professional coaching skills and tools. We also offer additional training geared toward teams and individuals to support them in both their professional and private challenges. 

Coaching is both a profession and an art. The art of not knowing on behalf of another, to precisely give them the full perception of being who they are. By accompanying them to achieve their objectives, overcome their challenges, and embrace their dreams.

Nous mettons à votre disposition une formation par modules poursuivant des objectifs d’apprentissage clairs et alignés avec les valeurs de la Fédération Internationale de Coaching (ICF).

Ils vous conduiront à l’obtention des bénéfices suivants:

  • l’acquisition d’une nouvelle manière d’interagir et des outils efficaces à utiliser dans votre contexte professionnel & personnel
  • le développement de vos compétences relationnelles
  • l’obtention d’un diplôme de coach professionnel certifié et reconnu. 

Notre formation est accréditée ACTP par l’ICF au niveau International et EDUQUA sur le plan National.


Dare a new job; become a professional coach.


Validate skills and become a certified professional coach.

Coaching RelationCare®

being a COACH requires DeVELOPing and maintaining quality relationships by freeing yourself from pressure and performance concerns.

It consists of taking care of the relationship to oneself (heart), the relationship to others (team), the relationship to the intangible (spirit) and the relationship to the system (circular axis).

The Coaching RelationCare approach is based on the use of the following five forms of intelligence: cognitive, emotional, somatic, intuitive and collective.

It also incorporates the most recent approaches resulting from the intersection between science and spirituality.

We provide you with modular training with clear learning objectives that are in line with the values of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

  • The acquisition of new ways of interacting and effective tools to use in your professional & personal context.
  • The development ofyour relational skills.
  • The completion of a certified and recognized professional coaching diploma.

Our training is ACTP accredited by the ICF at the International level and EDUQUA at the National level.

Each year, WAKAN offers three Coaching RelationCare sessions in French and one session in English.

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certification – COACH AS a PROFESSION

WAKAN offers a certification process for those who want to validate the skills and knowledge acquired during the mandatory (and complementary, if applicable) modules under the ICF’s (International Coach Federation) code of ethics.

The Coaching RelationCare certification process is a powerful integrator of your coaching skills. It is a unique milestone in your learning during which several professional coaches will be observing your skills and providing a large amount of feedback. This certification will support the development of your skills and yourself as a future RelationCare coach. This process takes about three months.


The path leading to certification is possible for those who have completed the following modules:

A – Relationship Skills

B – Values and Limits

C – Objectives and Changes

D – Professional Coaching

I – Integration

The certification process requires the additional steps of:

  • The writing of a learning assessment
  • The validation of 40 hours of coaching practice
  • A written examination
  • An oral examination
  • Ten hours of mentoring

The Coaching RelationCare professional coaching training and certification program has obtained the highly demanding ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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